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4T has a full-service team dedicated to year-round maintenance providing services to residential and commercial clients. We offer professional services such as mowing, trimming, lawn & shrub applications, bed & tree well care, shrub trimming, lawn renovations and Spring & Fall clean-ups. We strive for a beautiful and healthy lanscape as it is a reflection of our quality and commitment to you. Full service contracts are available.


Mowing, String Trimming & Blow

Trash & Debris Removal

Shrub Trimming

Tree Pruning, Removal & Stump Grinding

Manual Watering

Lawn Applications (See Plant Health)

Tree & Shrub Care (See Plant Health)

Landscape & Tree Well Maintenance

   Weed Removal, Prune Tree Suckers, Perennial Care, Pre-emergent Applications

Turf Renovations

   Core Aerations, Slit-Seeding, Over-Seeding

Spring & Fall Clean-ups

   Leaf Removal, Perennial Cut-backs, Trash Pick-up

Seasonal Color

   Bulbs, Summer Annuals, Mums, Pansies....

Snow & Ice Control

   Snow Clearing, Salt Applications (Parking Lots & Drives), Ice Melt Applications (Sidewalks), Liquid Magnesium Chloride (Hard surfaces)

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