Plant & Turf Health

Our proven plant and turf health programs will ensure a healthy lawn and landscape that will enhance your home’s outdoor beauty. 

Turf Programs

Application #1 - Early Spring

The early Spring application will promote Spring green up and recovery from the Winter season.  Also, included with the application is a crabgrass preventative.

Application #2 - Spring

We will apply an application of broadleaf weed control to your turf which will rid your lawn of unwanted broadleaf.

Application #3 - Late Spring / Early Summer

We will apply a balanced slow release fertilizer and grub control. This will get your lawn ready for the summer months and help prevent damage from grubs.

Application #4 - Summer

We will apply a fertilizer with a micro nutrient bio stimulant package. This will feed your lawn encouraging color, vigor and overall health.

Note: If a Nutsedge control application is needed, it will be added to this application with approval at an additional charge.

Application #5 - Late Summer / Early Fall

This application is a “blanket” spray of liquid weed control to any weeds present in the turf.

Application #6 - Late Fall

This application is one of the most beneficial ones of the year. It will winterize your lawn by aiding root development as your lawn goes into dormancy. This application also benefits emerging healthy, green lawn the following Spring.

Other Services


Landscape Bed Pre-emergent Program

Keep your landscape beds weed free with our pre-emergent program. This program consists of a pre-emergent application to your landscape beds once in the Spring and another application in late Summer. Let us show you what a great landscape bed pre-emergent program can do for the health of your plants and the aesthetics of your landscaping.

Flea & Tick

Flea & Tick Treatment

Our Flea & Tick Control Program is an application that provides protection in your lawn from fleas and ticks as well as other common insects. When you sign up for this program, you reduce the risk of insects getting into your home’s carpets, rugs, furniture, and other potential, nesting areas.

Tree & shrub

Tree & Shrub Program

Control method selection is made through accurate pest and development stage identification. Our objective is to effectively protect the plant while minimizing the impact on our client’s grounds and the environment. We offer Spring shrub fertilization, Fall soil fertilization injection, systemic trunk injections, monitoring, and pest specific treatments.

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